Used Professional Piccolos

All used piccolos receive our detailed servicing, playtest, and our warranty on adjustments. 

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Christensen Piccolo #2000

This vintage used Christensen piccolo was handmade from Grenadilla wood, silver plated keys, Db

Hammig 650/2 Piccolo #31964

This used Hammig 650/2 piccolo #31964 has a grenadilla headjoint and body with silver-plated keys and split E.

Haynes D-Flat Piccolo #5923

This used Haynes D-flat piccolo #5923 is solid silver throughout.

Haynes Piccolo #7650

This used Haynes piccolo from 1924 is made from Grenadilla wood, silver keys, open G#

Haynes Piccolo #9879

This used Haynes piccolo #9879 is solid silver throughout

Pearl Piccolo #5540

This used Pearl piccolo #5540 has a grenadilla headjoint, grenaditte body and silver-plated keys with split E.

Phoenix Piccolo #002

This used Phoenix piccolo #002 has a Grenadilla headjoint and body with silver keys. Comes with three headjoints!

Powell Piccolo #9811

This used Powell piccolo #9811 has a Kingwood headjoint with a profile cut. The body is made of grenadilla wood and it has silver keys.

Roy Seaman Piccolo #4784

This used Roy Seaman piccolo #4784 has a grenadilla headjoint & body with silver keys and split E.

Yamaha YPC-62 Piccolo #21133

This used Yamaha YPC-62 piccolo #21133 has a Grenadilla wood headjoint and body with plated keys and split E mechanism.